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What to plan if you haven't got a venue yet

Booking a venue is the most exciting moment of your wedding planning, without a doubt. Finding the ideal place to live out your wedding fantasy is a moment stuffed with more emotion than an episode of Queer Eye. You look around some venues. They're pretty nice, and they've given you some décor inspiration, but they're not making you hot under the collar. What you want is a place that knocks you out when you step through the door - a venue that says, yeah, this is where you want to start the rest of your life.

Well, I presume so. I wouldn't know, because I've not found mine yet. For about four years, I've secretly harboured a dream to get married at a specific campsite in the Lake District. We know the owners, we love the area and it's a perfect place. We visited back in January and pencilled our date in. Despite getting exactly what I wanted, I felt a bit flat. The campsite is a brilliant place run by excellent people but... it's a farm, at the end of t…

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